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Many aspiring poets dream about publishing their own collection one day but don’t know where to start. I’ve created a practical way to show them how it’s done. In under six months they co-author and publish a book with an experienced poet so that they can go out and do it for themselves.

If you’d like to be part of Poetry Chapel Vol. III commencing Jul 2022, all the information and interest form can be found on at

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  • Winters Never Last – Poetry Chapel Vol 2.  Book out soon!

    Winters Never Last – Poetry Chapel Vol 2. Book out soon!

    The advanced copy arrived!! I’m really excited to share the first looks at the new poetry anthology! You’re going to love it!! Poems by me and @poetrychapel collective poets. Out mid June.Details for preorder and book launch team on its way soon!ISBN : 9780648989363 Pre-order here:

  • What Makes A Workplace Fair? Understanding the power of Organisational Justice.

    What Makes A Workplace Fair? Understanding the power of Organisational Justice.

    It’s been a tumultuous year already. Living expenses have increased. Lockdowns have decreased. Financial markets have fluctuated. Unpredictability has become the norm. As a result, millions of people worldwide have made major work-life changes as the marketplace has been forced to adapt to rapid change. Some have coined this global shift in employment the great resignation. Others have argued it is the great exhaustion – taking note of the overwhelm which pandemic…

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  • A LACK OF ELDERS.  How we desperately need to grow up.

    A LACK OF ELDERS. How we desperately need to grow up.

    This was the alarming start of a recent conversation.“Is it just me, or are older guys willing to be mentors really hard to find?”“Yep.” I replied, “At this age and stage of life, they are harder to find.” Let’s call this questioner Mark. Mark is just a few years younger than me. Mark is smart, warm, conscientious. He likes a good laugh and sincere conversation….

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:: NEW ::
Winters Never Last

Winters Never Last (2022)
Poetry Chapel Vol. 2
David Tensen and Friends

The Saving I Need

The Saving I Need (2021)
Poetry Chapel Vol. 1
David Tensen and Friends

Poetry Chapel Collection. Volume 1

The Wrestle

The Wrestle (2020)
David Tensen

poems of divine disappointment and discovery
David Tensen

by Franki

How to Find Love in the Dark (2021)

How to Find Love in the Dark – A book of Poems

So I Wrote You a Poem

So I Wrote You a Poem (2021)
David Tensen

poems of empathy on life, loss and faith
David Tensen

Struggling to find the words for an occasion?

I can help, by writing you a customised poem.

All events and circumstances considered.

All prices are Australian Dollars. 1 AUD is approx. 0.70 US cents

Australian customers and overseas bulk-order print (5+) customers are encouraged to buy direct from this website in support of the author.
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Endorsements for David’s Work

“A poet for these times, David Tensen articulates deeply the spectrum of my own personal thoughts, emotions, losses and issues. These words whisper transcendent rumors hidden in the viscera of humanity, lyrics of longing to be gratefully shared.”
Wm. Paul Young – Author of The Shack

“David Tensen is a unique individual and a deep thinker whose words, flowing from his own experience penetrate deeply, causing one to stop, listen and reflect and to have conversations with God and with others. His words both uncover pain and bring healing, and at the same time, enable us to move one step forward or further on our journey.”
James Condon – Commissioner Emeritus, Salvation Army, Australia

“Both the Jewish and Christian traditions have forever prayed their deepest heart-cries as poetry and their prophets offered us words when we only had groans. This is how I experience David Tensen. He’s given us a prophetic Psalter apropos for these swirling times–a warm fire and bright light.”
Bradley Jersak – Author of A More Christlike God

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David is currently accepting personal and commercial poetry writing requests.

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