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There are plenty of specialists in the marketplace. David Tensen, however, is a master generalist.  Think of him like a Swiss Army Knife. There are many ways he can help you and your organisation move forward and solve problems.

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Business Services and Consultation

Learning and Development \ Leadership Training \ Management \ Strategic Planning \ Web Design  \ Mentoring \ Writing \ Ideation and more.

David brings 3 decades of business experience and academic credentials to your workplace.
Servicing the Sunshine Coast and beyond.
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Writing and Publishing Services

As author of 5 books and founder of Poetry Chapel™ Press, David helps authors bring their dream of a book to life.

Services include consultations through to full book creating and marketing.

If you’re thinking of writing a book and need some help getting it into the world, click through to connect and read more.

PERSONAL PASTORAL CARE AND  mentoring services

Drawing on years of experience in Inner Healing and Advanced Pastoral Care – both as a therapist and trainer – David is currently  available for those needing help in their life. He is accepting small number of clients at this time for 55 min appointments online.

David also has a suite of downloadable resources.

I started recording thoughts on my daily walk around the neighbourhood . I posted them to Youtube. Lots of you liked them and I liked the process so here it is in audio for podcasts.”

These are raw, unedited, and full of soundscapes from my walk.

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Servicing Sunshine Coast and beyond.