According to this article, Facebook gained 100 million new users over the last 8 months.

That’s ROUGHLY  28 per minute,

1680 per hour

40,320 per day

1,300,000 per month


No wonder 90% of US Marketers have jumped onboard the social media bandwagon to see what all the fuss is about.

Strangely though, I read today that a lot of people studying journalism have no idea on this quiet revolution taking place.  Roland Legrand writes:

I recently gave a social media workshop for journalism students, and I soon realized that many students were still unaware of social media other than Facebook. They were shocked to hear about feed readers, blogs, or micro-blogging and asked how they could learn about all those developments.  Read more here

I don’t see this slowing down.  I think the train is just leaving the station and has only gained a little steam.

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