New Directions Presentation Notes

Today I was given the opportunity to give a presentation to around 80 real estate agents here on the Sunshine Coast at Remax Property Associate’s New Directions event. I shared on a simple and effective approach to using social media to build connections and grow relationships.  I then followed up with some info on trends… Continue reading New Directions Presentation Notes

2 Key Thoughts from 2009

There are 2 key lessons I’m going to take out of 2009.  I’d say I’ll carry them with me for the rest of my life because they’ve proved invaluable already. These may not apply to you but I’d thought I’d share them anyway. 1.  It’s extremely important to discern the difference between Responsibility and Concern.… Continue reading 2 Key Thoughts from 2009


My wife and I have the privilege of leading the missions department of our local church.  It’s a role that keeps us grounded and focused on the important things in life and allows us to bring some hope and help to others in need – both locally and globally. I’m not sure if you buy… Continue reading NO.VEMBER

How do you VIEW what you DO?

Whether you’re employed, self-employed, unemployed or find yourself part of any kind of ploy – your attitude towards what-you-do is paramount. Have you ever read something and thought, “YES! That’s what I’ve been trying to describe and put my finger on for years”.  I had one of those moments a little while back when I… Continue reading How do you VIEW what you DO?

The wind up your tail

Yesterday morning I went for a 35km cycle with my dad. We were humming for most of the way from Maroochydore to Kawana via Buderim.  Usually our average speed is around 25km/h but this day it was more like 30km/h.  However, half way through the ride things slowed down substantially.  30km/h became 20km/h.  Why?  Wind… Continue reading The wind up your tail

Sound Advice from Belgium

[Something light today] If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s worth watching… What makes this video remarkable is that it’s shot in a real train station that was very much transformed for 4 minutes as it sprung into song. The people dancing are obviously staged but the people on the fringes are everyday commuters.… Continue reading Sound Advice from Belgium

Are Aussies really into Blogs, Social Media and Web 2.0?

It’s a valid question, and one I often get asked by people who are considering using this online community to strengthen ties with friends, clients and potential customers. According to Forrester Research the figures point to a definite ‘YES’. The below chart categorizes techonology users into several categories.  Most interestingly is the difference between Creators… Continue reading Are Aussies really into Blogs, Social Media and Web 2.0?

I’m not a Flasher but I like to have fun!

Today a guy asked me if I build websites using FLASH.   I said, ‘No’.  (Flash sites are those super dynamic moving images and things you used to see on a lot of websites.) His next question was, ‘Do you do SEO.’  I said, “Yes, and sort of. Generally my sites generate good ranking because I… Continue reading I’m not a Flasher but I like to have fun!

I Build Websites

I’ve just created a  new “Hire Dave”  page and thought I’d post the content here as well seeing that some people never visit my page links at I’m building some other exciting websites through New Media Mentors here on the Sunshine Coast too. = = = = =Here’s the page info = = =… Continue reading I Build Websites

Micro-Lending in Plain English

I made this video last week to show our church how micro-lending and micro-enterprise work in thrid world and developing countries. Nat and I love heading up the missions department at Kings – this was a bit of fun to make too. [youtube BNz6huOeoxo] If you want to know more or get involved in making… Continue reading Micro-Lending in Plain English

When Extraordinary things happen. A case study: Susan Boyle

If you haven’t seen or heard of Susan Boyle yet… well… you’ve obviously not logged into your facebook account or watched TV or read the newspapers. Brittains Got Talent is a talent show that, last week, got it’s largest surprise ever. You have to watch this video to know what I mean. Link: The… Continue reading When Extraordinary things happen. A case study: Susan Boyle

Educate your visitors using YouTube video

Quite often we build sites with a whole mass of cool features and just expect everyone to know what all the bells and whistles are for and where people should start. It’s always interesting to see other people open your site(s) only to ask ‘what do I do?’ whilst frantically moving their mouse around the… Continue reading Educate your visitors using YouTube video

28 New Facebook accounts every minute

According to this article, Facebook gained 100 million new users over the last 8 months. That’s ROUGHLY  28 per minute, 1680 per hour 40,320 per day 1,300,000 per month WOW, No wonder 90% of US Marketers have jumped onboard the social media bandwagon to see what all the fuss is about. Strangely though, I read… Continue reading 28 New Facebook accounts every minute

Early beginnings of nothing new

U2’s Bono aka paul_hewson recently said on Twitter: “The emergence and refinement of social media could be one of the greatest and quietest cultural revolutions in history.” The important thing to remember in all of this Social Media talk is that we are not talking about tools that “needs” to exist.  Mankind, for thousands of… Continue reading Early beginnings of nothing new

Baby boomers and social media

According to an article written on More than 30 million baby boomers now connect on LinkedIn, and even more are on Twitter. And it doesn’t stop there. According to recent data from Inside Facebook, the number of U.S. Facebook users over age 35 doubled in 60 days–and is still on the rise.   more… The… Continue reading Baby boomers and social media

69 percent of Australians read blogs

According to a recent study: 69% of Australians read other people’s blogs, on average two to three times a week. While this is also considerably lower than many Asian markets, it is still a big number, indicating the interest Australians have in user-generated content.   …more Yet, very few people that start blogging or writing online,… Continue reading 69 percent of Australians read blogs

Free Business Advice

Check out Free business advice from a whole range of experts (including me) from the Sunshine Coast.

Grow your business using Online Outsourcing Services

This weeks links focus on SME applicable online outsourcing websites.  Some I have used, others I think are just plain cool. Online outsourcing can simply be described as “getting people overseas to do stuff for you via the internet” On most websites, the process is simple Create a profile and login Describe what you want… Continue reading Grow your business using Online Outsourcing Services