For some reading this, the idea of praying a blessing over a person may seem new or foreign.   Many of us know what it looks like to ‘Bless the meal, and the hands that prepared it’,  but hardly know where to start when blessing others.  The bible and Judeo-Christian tradition has a strong concept and culture of blessing which is sadly missed in many homes and lives today.

Having now shared the message of the Father’s Blessing to hundreds across Australia in past 3 years, I can’t begin to share with you the exciting stories I’ve been told from parents, couples and friends who went out and intentionally pursued others they love to speak a meaningful 3D Blessing over them. It’s so powerful.

This simple worksheet provides a simple model for blessing others. The 3D Blessing covers DESIGN, DESTINY and DOMINION

DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEET HERE – PDF best printed double sided.

To learn more about the the 3D Model of Blessing, get hold of this Pray-Along Blessing teaching and tracks. We also have CDs on the Mother’s and Father’s blessing – Plus a book More Precious That Pearls that contain prayers to pray over yourself and children.