Hold On Dear One – a poem

Hold on dear one, life is⠀
for you, even when⠀
it is hidden behind ⠀
fear’s hands, or beneath⠀
pain’s blanket, or beyond⠀
sorrow’s darkly stained sight,⠀
life is for you.⠀

Hold on dear one, not because⠀
life is too much, or because⠀
you are too much, but because⠀
life is beautiful, and in ⠀
your eyes and touch, and ⠀
every blinking breath, life is ⠀
beautiful in you, beautiful.⠀

Hold on dear one, life is⠀
in you, and worth holding ⠀
on to, and worth holding⠀
loosely but never letting ⠀
go of, as life holds on⠀
and on, and on ⠀
and on to you.⠀

‘Hold On Dear One’⠀
David Tensen⠀
July 2020

Photo by the talented @andyybridge (?follow him on insta?).
‘Budhist Monk in Vietnan caring for an injured pigeon’

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