I produced this 8 minute audio teaching and phrase by phrase Pray-Along Blessing in response to hearing these comments from believers all over the world:

“How do I effectively bless another person? I don’t know how to start.”
and “I seriously have no idea what it means to bless my kids, let alone knowing what to say!”

Let’s remember that even Jesus’s disciples, who journeyed with him day and night, had to ask Him how to pray. So there is no shame in not knowing how to bless another. In fact, it’s through receiving a blessing and observing it, that we should have learnt.   So it’s my pleasure to help you a little along this learning journey.

This simple three track audio production will:

  • Teach you the basics of a spoken blessing using the easy-to-remember 3D Blessing model- TRACK 1
  • Allow you to hear and receive a simple blessing- TRACK 2
  • Teach you how to speak a blessing over another person phrase-by-phrase – TRACK 3

It’s my prayer that this becomes a tool that gives you confidence and direction in effectively blessing others.

Whether you are a parent wanting to bless their children, a friend wanting to bless a friend or a prayer minister wanting to be better equipped, I want to thank you for joining me in creating an atmosphere of blessing on the earth that restores hearts and lives.

I’m keen to get this in the hands of as many people as possible to equip and bless them so this product is available totally free (just put $0 in the price) but lists a suggested price if you would like to (and are able to) to support our ministry and help feed hungry kids  – my own!.  But seriously, I pray it’s a blessing to you, especially parents.