The Saving I Need – Poetry Chapel Vol 1. e-Book


Pre-Launch Sale –  Book Release Date 17 November 2021

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  • Publisher : Poetry Chapel Press
  • Language : English
  • Print length : 208 pages
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Pre-Launch Sale –  Book Release Date 17 November 2021

From the bestselling author of The Wrestle comes another memorable poetry collection.

The Saving I Need brings readers over forty new poems penned by David Tensen, accompanied by a generous selection of carefully crafted poems from fourteen emerging poets chosen and mentored by David himself. From its breathtaking opening piece ‘Birthing God’ through to its end, this anthology invites readers into a poetic meditation through beauty, tragedy, hope and spirituality.

Acclaimed by theologians as a prophetic Psalter of these times, Tensen continues to write with expanding wisdom, love and empathy, echoing the silent cries of his lifetime and the Christian tradition.

Also available in softcover

This book also features poetry from featuring poetry from: Andrew Adair. Abigail Bucks. Brian Bucks. Carly Caprio. Kara Chidlow. Nicole Fisher. Matthew Hardy. Kaelan Kiernan. Victoria Kuttainen. Franki Maglaras. Jessica Mussro. Jessica Stevens Nicole Walker. Tineke Ziemer.


  1. Ming

    I was introduced to David Tensen’s poetry last year, and immediately bought both of his poetry books and drank them like a person who has stumbled on a oasis in a desert. When I found out that he was publishing a new book of poetry that featured not only his poetry but of other poets from his Poetry Chapel project I was excited and intrigued.

    My expectations were high, and this book exceeded my expectations. This book is beautiful. The poetry, yes—but it is even more than that. David Tensen is not only using his gift—his voice to bless us, the readers, but here in -The Saving I Need- we see him using his gift to help empower others to step into the gift of their own voice, and we are doubly blessed. In a world, that teaches scarcity and that there is not enough to go around.

    Grateful to David Tensen and grateful to all the featured poets, for their courage, for their vulnerability—for giving us the gift of their voice.

    This book is an example of spring of abundance that is born when we use our voice, gifts, and power to encourage and empower others. This book gives me hope for a humanity that instead of moving from a sense of scarcity and fear, moves from that sense of love and abundance—as earth as it is in heaven, and it feels a lot like home.

    As one of the featured poets Jessica Stephens writes, “A bright new future is near. It. Is. Here.”

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