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ISBN:  978-0-6489893-0-1

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Available for immediate download.  Also available in paperback and audiobook

This collection of poems explore the life-giving and often painful experience of wrestling with God, religion and one’s place in the world. David Tensen draws from empathetic experience through burnout, bankruptcy and belief; wrapping words around experiences some have described as healing psalms of lament and wonder.

Whether you are a lover of poetry or not, The Wrestle offers hopeful words to hearts desperate to rediscover God and themselves – all the while, giving courage to voices lost in the midst of life’s suffering. Available in Paperback, eBook and Audiobook narrated by best-selling author of The Shack, Wm. Paul Young.

THE WRESTLE    (Title Piece)

I found you
the ‘why’.

Far from
the ‘why not’.

Worlds from
the ‘why me’.

You held a space for me
beyond answers
to questions
my pain had
as if you knew
information was
or resolve
or fix
my suffering.

you agreed to wrestle
through many nights.
Never letting go.
Always with me
just like you promised.

Refusing to surrender
I eventually realised
that wrestling with God
was not a crime.
That I was, in fact,
being held.
Being healed.
Being transformed by finding
you beyond answers.
Being blessed
by holding on to you
in my doubt and frustration
and never letting go.

And you never let go.
And you overcame me in the end.
And we both won.

‘The Wrestle’
David Tensen. (p. 34)


“A poet for these times, David Tensen articulates deeply the spectrum of my own personal thoughts, emotions, losses and issues. These words whisper transcendent rumors hidden in the viscera of humanity, lyrics of longing to be gratefully shared.”
Wm. Paul Young – Author of The Shack

“David’s words flow from his own experience and penetrate deeply, causing one to stop, listen and reflect. His words both uncover pain and bring healing, and at the same time, enable us to move one step forward or further on our journey.”
James Condon – Commissioner Emeritus, Salvation Army, Australia

“Both the Jewish and Christian traditions have forever prayed their deepest heart-cries as poetry and their prophets offered us words when we only had groans. This is how I experience David Tensen. He’s given us a prophetic Psalter apropos for these swirling times–a warm fire and bright light.”
Bradley Jersak – Author of A More Christlike God

“Raw. Authentic. Clever. As I read “The Wrestle,” I realised the reflections of what I thought was David’s life turned out to be my own. A great companion for those looking to find their true self.”
James Thompson – Compassion International. Australia

“When I first heard David’s poem, ‘Oh God’, I knew two things: I desperately needed more, and I really wanted to be friends with this guy. David’s poetry is honest and hopeful, fierce and fragile. Thank You, God, for David’s poetry and friendship.”
Steve Austin – Author of Catching Your Breath


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  1. Alicia Corrigan

    I would love to start by saying wholeheartedly a HUGE thank you to David Tensen for writing this book! This collection of poetry is truly a gift to the world! It’s honest, raw, relatable and inviting. It’s the kind of book where you could cozy up with a cup of tea and devour page after page after page. It’s also the kind of book that stops you in your tracks after reading a verse or phrase that finally puts language and words to a thought or question you may have been struggling to articulate. It invites you to sit, ponder and reflect! This collection of poetry left me with an exhale and a warm smile….. To know that I’m not alone is a beautiful and profound thing!

  2. Michael Gamez

    What an incredible read. Truly an adventure. The Wrestle is an invitation to journey distant lands of vast terrain, and to embark for meaning at sea (sometimes placid and sometimes billowing). Tensen goes straight for the heart, awakening memories, emotions, and inner conflicts that many of us don’t know how to put words to.
    And the most beautiful part is that it’s an outpouring of his own life and experiences. The poems and stories had me captivated; sometimes in a stillness where quiet was necessary and other times in utter discomfort because something deep in my heart was being called up and out into the Light. I highly recommend this beautiful book to anyone and everyone.

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