Winters Never Last – Poetry Chapel Vol 2. e-Book by David Tensen and Friends


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  • Publisher : Poetry Chapel Press
  • Language : English
  • Print length : 194 pages
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Nobody lives immune to the grief and joy that seasons of life bring. A single day can feel like four seasons – along with glorious storms and blinding sunbursts.

This Poetry Chapel™ anthology invites readers into a poetic journey through life’s seasonal landscape – reminding them the winters never last and they are never alone.
WINTERS NEVER LAST is a collection of heartfelt poems by best-selling Australian poet David Tensen followed by selected pieces from fourteen emerging poets chosen and mentored by David himself.
The collection contains poems from David Tensen. Deborah Blythe. Lisa Dodge Pinkham. Amanda Dzimianski. Vivien Firth. Suzy George.  Kate Hughes. Keally Kweyama. Kate Kim. Marianne Lienard. Elizabeth Ma. Kate Rife.  Katy Roth. Catherine Sharpe-Lewis. Joyce Soe.

Also available in softcover


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