I’m so excited to be extending my services across a dynamic range of areas. All places of passion, experience and expertise for me.

There are three main areas I can help people move forward.

The first in BUSINESS SERVICES. With years of experience working with organisations and small business owners, I’d love to see how I might be able to help. They include consultation, planning, training, web design and writing services. All my services are listed on this page.

Secondly, I’m extending my offering to help those wanting to PUBLISH their own book, but don’t know how. Having published 5 books with 3 pending for 2022, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience getting books into a worldwide market. It’s not as hard as you think, most people just need some help and reassurance they can do. I’m offering all kinds of assistance in this publishing and writing field. And yes, Poetry Chapel is still running and expanding. If I can help you on your publishing journey, find out how here.

Thirdly, for many years I travelled the world, HEALING and helping people get unstuck from things holding them back in their relationships to God, self, others, life and land. I’m opening up a number of spots each week for people to book a 55-min appointment to see me. Discover more and book here.