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The 5 tracks are:

  1. Opening Blessing  7:42 min
  2. Design     7:57 min
  3. Destiny   8:29 min
  4. Dominion  12:12 min
  5. Closing Blessing 10:12 min

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The Story Behind the Prayer Album


The need for a father’s blessing is one of the most heartfelt needs we have.

A father’s blessing was once a regular part of Hebrew life and began in the home from conception and continued throughout life. Parents, especially father’s, were the primary givers of the blessing to their children, and parents still are God’s catalyst for blessing – sadly, because the revelation and practice of the spoken blessing barely exists today, many have missed out and there truly is a deficit in our hearts and it’s reflected in a broken society.  The good news is, it’s never too late to get blessed!  In fact, God pursues us to bless us!

I created this Soaking Prayer of the Father’s Blessing of Love after seeing the huge healing effect of a father’s blessing as I travelled and ministered around Australia in early 2014.  Whether I was speaking a father’s blessing over hundreds or just one on one, it struck a deep chord in the hearts of many.  I think you’ll love it also.

This blessing contains over 20 scriptures and is based on the 3D model of blessing. Themed with the love of our Heavenly Father, this 5 track album has been created like a gentle soaking prayer. It will be sure to bless and heal the hearts of adults and children, men and women alike.  Once again, it has been an honour to work with Carla Reed who provided beautiful piano music for the backing track and ‘Selah’ moments.

Here is a sample from the first track.

The 5 tracks are:

  1. Opening Blessing  7:42 min
  2. Design     7:57 min
  3. Destiny   8:29 min
  4. Dominion  12:12 min
  5. Closing Blessing 10:12 min

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  1. Renee Haron

    I have been listening to this amazing God inspired c.d and want the whole world to hear it,I personally have been touched and transformed as each night I soak in Gods loving truth,I shared with fellowship group today and ppl we’re crying tears of healing and sharing personal revelation of what The Holy Spirit spoke into their hearts.thankyou Dave for your wisdom and making these c.d’s also for sharing Gods love and truth The Holy Spirit overflowed thru every word you spoke God Blesses you and your family Ephesians 1:3 you are Hisworkmansh Ephesians 2:10 may you all be blessed more than you could ask or imagine for your faithfulness

  2. David Tensen (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the feedback and blessings!

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