Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a USQ digimarketing workshop with keynote speaker Dr. Ian Fenwick.

It was a practical and refreshing change from the hype that often surrounds the digital marketing and social media market space.

Some of the biggest take-aways for me were:

1.  Your business still needs to have a marketing plan. Nothing but the medium and delivery rules have changed.  Placing a couple of google ads and building a simple website is no recipe for success on it’s own.

2.  You must be prepared to test, measure and manage your digital marketing efforts and investment.

3.  SEO rules are changing constantly – find a reputable company to manage your online search engine marketing

4.  A good landing page will save you a lot of money.  Click-throughs can be bought but people still need to be convinced to part with something. Be it their email address or their money.

5.  Advertising on Facebook can cost you half of what google adwords do. Even if it’s 20% less effective, there is still a good saving their if your product and marketing is right.

6.  2/3 of the world still doesn’t have access to the net.  That’s considerable.