Vows and oaths we make are serious things. They assert pressure on our lives in the spirit realm.  It doesn’t matter when we make them either – whether you’re 3, 30 or 60 years old. In fact, I’ve found ones made when I was younger have had time to mature and increase – the Holy Spirit does a great job of revealing these long-forgotten vows to us. Some sound noble (e.g. I will never drink like my dad) and some are  seriously dangerous (I swear I’ll kill that guy if I see him again).

The good news is two fold. Firstly, man has been bound to them for thousands of years – so you’re not alone! Secondly, the cross and finished work of Jesus Christ can bring their power and reaping to death.

Shane Willard does a great little teaching on them from a Hebrew perspective. Numbers 30 is a great place in scripture to start.

[youtube I3NqcVNaueg]