This is a series of five short videos we shot last year for CV Global Asia Pacific, producers of the yesHEis app.

In each video, David presents gospel based reflections around each of the organisation’s values and value statements.
I plan on sharing some more here on Facebook if you find them valuable. Feel free to share them, use them in small groups etc. Just let us know ???

Written and presented by David Tensen
Directed and filmed by Luke D. Blair
Produced for CV Global
‘Excellence’ features artist Jessica Le Clerc
(Subtitles in Indonesian.)


[youtube BsO_gejjiKs nolink]


[youtube TePXiY5uwgw nolink]


[youtube IYi-XR6_QIE nolink]


[youtube xODpnMynYo0 nolink]


[youtube 2ENLppbPqQQ nolink]