According to a recent study:

69% of Australians read other people’s blogs, on average two to three times a week. While this is also considerably lower than many Asian markets, it is still a big number, indicating the interest Australians have in user-generated content.   …more

Yet, very few people that start blogging or writing online, continue. They just tend to fade out.  And, like most activities, if you can’t sustain and gain momentum, you’ll just frop to the bottom of the pack… and search engines know this too.

Last week I spoke at a seminar for mortgage brokers about web 2.0, blogging, social networking services, RSS etc and although most people in the room used and consumed a lot of these mediums, they didn’t create a lot of their own content – why?  I think it’s all a bit overwhelming for most people.  “Where do I start?” is a question I’m often asked.

That depends on where you want to go…  one thing’s for sure though, there is no harm in starting. Twitter is a great introduction. If you can keep that up for a few months, you might just find you have something to say.

If you need help, please let me know.