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From Simon Mountford

I have recently sold a driving school business which I founded back in 2003.

As the owner/operator WOM really got me on the map when funding was more of a 
challenge than finding time was.

Positive W.O.M. in the service industry isn’t important it is absolutely essential.

The W.O.M. stories I would hear about most from my students/customers were the horror stories of bad experiences often from other driving schools.

So what is the cheapest from of advertising? 

My next step into advertising/marketing our driving school was using Google AdWords to bring people to our website which allowed online bookings.

The great part about Google AdWords is you can control the cost to suit your budget and it is measureable.

We were growing our business steadily and needed to generate even more leads than our current marketing was providing, to keep the four additional driver trainers we had working for us busy.

We considered a few options and discount coupon advertising was the way we decided to try.

1.       It was measureable (we would know if it worked or not really quickly.)

2.       Cost was higher than we wanted to spend although results justified the cost.

3.       Current Stats here

From four driver trainers we expanded to a total of six trainers this growth was directly related to the use of discount voucher advertising.

In 2006 I had the opportunity to acquire the discount voucher publication I have mentioned and now worked closely with many business owners/ Managers in relation to advertising their products or services with the use of voucher/coupon style advertising in both the Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay Areas.

Cheap advertising, any advertising if it increases sales proportionately to the cost of advertising has to be deemed as cheap.

Expensive Advertising, anything you spend money on that gets zero results.

As I am now a provider of advertising my goal is to provide a Win/Win situation for all of my advertisers. If they are able to generate sales/leads then I will retain a happy advertiser.

Are there any success stories relating to advertising out there??