Where do I start? God is so good. People are so generous. Life has changed in so many ways. 10 weeks ago we put out a blog post telling our story and expressing some needs that we had.  We needed to move house, I needed a new computer, we needed provision for up and coming ministry trips.

Within a week, enough funds came in to move.  Natalie had a list of desires she wanted in a house, some extras like a pool for summer and good neighbourhood were on there.  Long story short, the list was complete and them some!  One word, UPGRADE.  Amidst fierce rental demand, we got a great rental house in a great neighbourhood. The transition for the kids school has been great in so many ways.

God is so good and went ahead of us in so many areas. WOW and THANKS, is all we can say to Him and those who supported us in finances and prayer.

In the 5 weeks that followed the blog post I had

  • flown 8 times
  • preached/demonstrated public healing 25 times
  • did close to 40 hours of private ministry
  • was filmed for a TBN Pacific show
  • managed a national ministry conference
  • produced and released the 80 audio devotionals for the 40 Days of Delight. (Get them free here!) – BTW, the audio blessings had over 21,000 plays over the last 40 days.
  • AND It was during the first weekend I was away that Natalie and kids moved house.  My ministry trip was booked in but God supplied funds for a removalist and some men and women from our home church came to lend a hand. Love community!

One of the highlights (I can share) in the 5 weeks was praying for our nation from Parliament House as part of the National Day of Prayer (see here Facebook Video).

All in all, we are ready to take a break over Easter!

FUTURE:  Father keeps presenting opportunities to us. Invitations to several nations, Australian opportunities and more. We have some God given boundaries and restrictions in place which are proving very helpful!  We are saying Yes as we feel lead and able.  Our delight is keeping the church, Jesus bride, healthy and thriving, especially in our work with Pastors and leaders.

I have a couple of teachings I’m stewarding that I’d like to refine and release as time and resource allow. They are around the areas of ‘healing from church organisational wounds’ and ‘being connected and reconciled to the nation you’re in.’  Those who know what it’s like to live in a nation that doesn’t feel like home will know the value of the last one and those who’ve had their heart shattered in church will appreciate the first.

Natalie is working on a mother’s blessing and exploring writing a book on mothering and PPA (Parental Performance Anxiety).

Our national management role with Elijah House continues to thrive as we enter our third year. We love being planted and part of CityLife in Caloundra too.  Our destiny is so often dependant on those we CHOOSE to love and be loved by.

NEEDS:  As with any pioneering and faith-based efforts, we continue to depend on God’s goodness manifest through the generosity of His people and divine favour in everyday living.  If you feel led to give and support what we do there is a Give via PayPal option on the blog or a bank deposit can be made to David Tensen BSB 084484 Account 943867208.

I think it goes without saying too, that the prayers of His saints are of huge assistance.  We ‘Know in our Knower’ that many pray and cover us and honestly could not do what we do without the prayers – we would have been taken out a long time ago, so thanks and please don’t stop!

Thank you for Watching With Us as friends!

Love and Blessings
David, Natalie and Adorable Tensen Kids