It’s a valid question, and one I often get asked by people who are considering using this online community to strengthen ties with friends, clients and potential customers.

According to Forrester Research the figures point to a definite ‘YES’.

The below chart categorizes techonology users into several categories.  Most interestingly is the difference between Creators (25%) and Spectators (62%) and this spread varies depending on demographics.

In short, a lot more people are into consuming online media from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, News Sites, Youtube and others.  Less than half of all consumers are Creators…

The other day I ran into a successful journalist who said he surprised that tools and sites like Twitter and Facebook and personal blogs had not faded away and were in fact gaining popularity.

People, companies and groups of all types are seeing the value in being Creators… because it’s not really that hard to Create nowadays. Given the right tools, training and time, anyone can have a voice, a published video or song and be heard.  Gone are the days of needing a print press, expensive direct mail or a TV station to get your message heard.

So what’s it going to be?  Want to Create?