As a business, how often do clean your show room?

Clean your work car?

Move furniture?

Change something because it’s not working or getting old?

Yet, many businesses create a website – some fork out rediculous money – only to just have it sit there and do nothing.

I have a pile of magazines, flyers and brochures in a drawer at home. You might know the sort of pile. You might have your own. As soon as you need that space or you move house, it’ll all go in the bin and you won’t miss it. Because it’s old, irrelevant and boring.

Is your website just an online brochure that google is totally bored with too?  I guarantee that if it’s not fresh, relevant and adding value to the world, then it’s sitting on the bottom of the pile of the billions of other old flyers and brochure type websites on Google’s bookshelf.

So do something new with your site.  Add new content, revamp it, rewrite it. Get a search enging optimisation person in to boost it’s efficiancy.

Need help?
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