In a recent US survey of Christians from various churches, it was discovered that 89 percent of church-goers have church wounds.  59 percent of people say they have considered not going to church again due to the experience.

In this teaching, David explains why wounds commonly occur and how healing comes through Christ. This is a powerful message that has brought clarity and freedom to so many hearts.

The 7 sessions include

  1. Introduction
  2. Foundational Sacrifice & Biblical Basis
  3. Healthy Approach to Church Service
  4. Mimetic Realism, Violence and Culture
  5. Effective Forgiveness
  6. Responsibility and Repentance
  7. Healing Prayer

TIME: 1hr 31min

The teaching is delivered in David’s casual and compassionate style and is also available on MP3, CD, DVD and Video Download.

Disclaimer:  Please understand that I love the Church. By no means is she perfect, but I still believe her to be wonderful and destiny-filled.  I’ve had the honour of ministering in many expressions of Christian faith, from Catholic communities to mainline, pentecostal, home-based,independent and charismatic expressions – they are all wonderful in their own way and I love them.  The purpose of this teaching is not to re-integrate someone to a certain expression or particular institution/denomination.  It is to bring healing to the heart and clarity to the mind. It will require you to do some heart work, and that may be difficult – but it will be worth it!  Love Dave

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, CD, DVD and Video Download.