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Learning and Development

With years of facilitation and training experience, David is able to offer a full suite of L&D services including competency framework creation, training in person or online, LMS creation, learning design creation and more –  using the latest tools and techniques in adult learning. 

David is also available to consult on development projects such as SaaS creation and L&D recruitment screening.

Contact David to discuss your L&D needs.

Leadership Support & Training

Research continues to confirm the ROI of investing in leaders and managers.  David holds a degree in Organisational Leadership and has a passion to see leaders develop in both hard and soft skills.

David can deliver client-provided content, create bespoke training or draw from a suite of leadership training he has delivered over the years.

Favourite topics include Situational Leadership, Managing Change and Golemans Emotional Leadership Styles.

General Management

With decades of management and leadership experience behind him, David brings creative and professional management solutions to your organisations. 

David has provided management in for-profit, start-ups and non-profits. He is a available for short and long term projects and contracts.

Find David’s resume and work history here

Web Design and Marketing

 How do you like this website?  David has over a decade of experience in creating websites using WordPress – the most popular SEO friendly content management system online.  Contact David today for to discuss your website needs.

Strategic Planning

Is your organisation looking to create a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years?  Perhaps you need an external facilitator to take care of workshops, ideation, creation and implementation of your plan.  David has worked with several organisations to create a strategic plan to suit their needs. Contact David for a chat and quote.

Technical Copy Writing

Too busy to write good quality articles to support your company or cause? Perhaps you’d love someone with academic experience to bring research into the writing.

David has authored 5 books and enjoys writing of all kinds.  Whether it’s persuasive, technical, academic or a mix for marketing, David’s rate start at 80c per word. Contact him with your writing needs today.

Book Publishing

As author of 5 books and founder of Poetry Chapel™ Press, David helps authors bring their dream of a book to life.

Services include consultations through to full book creating and marketing. Let’s chat for 20 minutes


Drawing on years of experience in Advanced Pastoral Care and therapy, David may be the support you need in your life and career.  He offers executive mentoring, supervision and coaching, specialising in non-profit leadership support.

Read more about David’s journey in helping leaders across the world and reach out if you want to chat

Ideation and Collaboration

Maybe you need a creative ideas guy to advice or collaborate on a project.  David offers a curious mind and will ask honest and open questions you need to take your idea and vision to the next stage.  


Contact David for a chat today.

Consultation and full service provision.

I’d love to connect and talk about your business needs.  Who knows, we may just hit it off and create great things together. I promise you this, if I can’t help you solve your problem, I’ll let you know, and work to find other possible solutions.  So, let’s chat!

 Oh, and yes, I know it’s a little unconventional for one person to offer an array of services like this, but I’m not your conventional guy. You’ll discover by my broad work experience, that I’ve worked and trained in many things. (My wife thinks I was handed too much curiosity at birth!)  

Let’s catch up, and see if I can help. Book a free 20-min discover call here.

Workshops and Facilitation

Perhaps you’re considering a planning day, leadership retreat, leadership training session or ideation workshop. Whatever if it is, I can probably help. I have hundreds (if not thousands) of hours experience in front of audiences.  I have taught and run workshops all over Asia Pacific with great success and feedback. 

I’m a big believer in treating adult learners like adults, working with the assumption that they know valuable things and, unlike school-aged kids, want to interact and add to the discussion.  This adult learning approach is called Andragogy. 


David both trained and mentored me personally. His empowering, intuitive approach has been life-changing on many levels for me and his encouragement and support has contributed to many of my achievements and successes.

Abby Jones-Walker

News Corp

A skilled leader and gifted trainer, with high degrees of emotional intelligence. David is one of those rare people who has wisdom beyond this years and is able to apply it creatively in any situation.

Matthew Walter

CV Global

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