Dangerous Grace explores the radical notion that God accepts us as we are, right now.

Dangerous Grace is expressed in its truest transformative sense when we move beyond the ‘be better / try harder’ mantras of the false-self and can say an embodied and heartfelt YES to the truth that there is NOTHING inherently wrong with you, as far as God is concerned.  You know deep in your soul that perfection is a mathematical construct and cannot be ascribed to people.

Dangerous Grace can only be found in unadulterated humility. Humility gifted through grounding. Grounding gifted by experiences disguised as disappointment, heartache, loss and humiliation.

Dangerous Grace clears the room of punitive religion and dares to explore the unconditional love of God – seeking instead to imagine religion in its truest etymological sense; the re-ligamenting of a fractured life.



Starting November 7th/8th for four weeks I am hosting a 90 minute ZOOM gathering.

I’m not 100% sure what it will look like or what it will become but I feel it’s important to create a space for those who resonate with the idea of faith expressed in love and dangerous grace.

All the details and registration can be found here https://www.subscribepage.com/dangerousgrace