In an attempt to consoidate my emailing – I’m going to produce a digest of handy links and information for the week.
Dave’s Top Links:

Finding Latent Profit Potential in your business
Tom Peters writes on Opportunity.

Promoting your business online
“don’t focus on selling products but sharing information” by Ari Writer.

Top stuff Aussie’s Love
“The lifestyle portal surveyed the opinions and attitudes of 2000 of its 2.4m Australian users to build up the picture of their favourite brands.”

Who’s getting online? Demographic survey results
American Survey – but still interesting.

999 Busines Ideas
This is great… “Ideas are a dime a dozen. The money is in the execution.”

What’s a Toxic Asset?
Great little presentation from Marketplace.

iPhone App Xumii

This might be the answer to those who use their iPhones for SNS contact.