Week 1 of 2009… well first work week anyway!  I hope everyone has had a great festive break.

I’ve been hearing a lot of great and positive news from local business people here on the Sunshine Coast about the increase of business, inquiries and sales that they’ve already experienced in this first week of 2009.  Great news!

Dave’s top links:

Are we suffering from Wealth Adaptation Syndrome (WAS)? – Ross Dawson puts a cool spin on the change of consumer spending habits

Motivating Creative People – FREE eBook – I haven’t read the entire book (58 pages) so I can’t give my full endorsement but from what I’ve read, it certainly gives some great keys to motivating creative staff and teams you work with. Worth a scan through for the quotes and research.

The female customer – not going away. – If you sell and market to women, this article outlines some interesting emerging trends and studies.

Save 20% of your ink costs by using a new font – This new font has lots of tiny holes in it, so it uses 20% less ink. Saving the environment and your dollars.  I tried it and it’s not bad.  Free to download and use

10 creative business ideas that emerged in 2008 – This website has a lot of cool ideas and links. I scan through them for ideas for life and business.

A ZERO STAR Hotel – Yep, a zero star rating hotel has been opened in Switzerland. Who said quality ruled over novelty?

Facebook has 150 Active Million Users – Wow! Although I’m on Facebook. I’m not a massive fan and have a love-hate relationship with it… but what an incredible figure and networking opportunity!

Sunshine Coast News:

Big Top Redevelopment – I was walking through the Big Top Complex on Ocean St in Maroochydore today and noticed an information booth/shop front promoting the plans for the redevelopment of the Big Top in the coming years. I was told that the plans are currently with council.

You Sexy Mothers – A friend of ours from the Sunshine Coast featured on A Current Affair this week. Author Jodie Hedley-Ward is working closely with the Sunshine Coast Uni to survey mums from around Australia on various topics.  If you’re a mum or know of mums that might be interested in taking part of the survey, please send them the link to the ACA website below.

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