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Dave’s top links:

The GIRL effect – Nike gets nice and produces this moving website/video to promote the health and wellbeing of adolescent girls in developing country.  Perhaps doing their best to lose the exploiting sweat shop image. The message delivery is really something else.

Translation software just keeps getting better. Ever consider getting your website and sales information translated into another language?  SHOCK! English is not the world’s most spoken language.

Are their still people buying in this economy? Rajesh Setty explains
First, remember that more people NEED help in this economy. They need “good” help. They are looking for it. So there is a bigger opportunity find clients in this economy.”

What are the world’s PR leaders saying about the future of marketing?

Branding Obama in the UK – Krispy Kremes make a scene with this sweet idea! provide some great tools for measure web traffic

Entrepreneurs leverage their strengths – Steve Sammartino draws an interesting parallel between people and fruit.

Audio based training for runners – I wondered when someone was going to do this properly.  Now, one for cyclists please.

Pick Pic of the week
“Are you keeping your neck warm or starting a courier service deer dear?”

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