More than ever before,  our personal decisions are of national importance.

I believe we are in such an important spiritual season right now.  The past 3-4 weeks have been like a testing ‘Hinge Season’ for so many people.   I’m hearing of a lot of activity during the night for many people and their kids; resulting in sleepless nights and nightmares. It’s not simply demonic warfare but there is a stirring in many realms.

I believe Heaven’s Counsel are making decisions. Big ones. Some verdicts are based on the prayer and petition of the saints. Some of what is being released is simple reaping from what has been sown. Yet other decisions are sovereign and Grace-based  – from the heart of a just Father.

In this threshold season, obedience and alignment are key. Kingdom-Sense must triumph over common-sense for us to move ahead.  His Higher Way is like a Highway we are coming onto that requires acceleration and prayerful merging (unity).

My advice?  Listen Up, Buckle Up, Hang On and Have Fun!

Listen Up = Make strong decisions based on what God is saying directly and indirectly to you in this season. Stay away from quick, fear-based knee-jerk reactions. Make your decisions strong and move forward with them.  I read a quote this week that I think is very timely for this season. Edwin Hubbell Chapin said, “Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.”

Buckle Up =  Cover yourself and others in prayer. Hiding prayers. Psalm 91 prayers. Find your security and seat belt in Jesus. Not in false coverings. Not in false securities. Not in false identities and denial.

Hang On = Hang onto God’s Word and especially His promises to you.  Both Bible-based (logos) and personal prophetic words (rhema).

Have Fun = The SonShip is not the HumDrumShip. I hope this doesn’t sound too irreverent but I believe it’s sister ship to the SonShip is the FunShip.  Jesus’ invitation to ‘Come Follow Me’ was, and still is, an invitation into a wild lifelong adventure in Sonship (Heb 2:10). Can I have fun? Yes. Permission granted. Just make sure it’s AWEsome fun!

David Tensen
23 June 2015