Be set free and come to know more about covenants, relationships and the mysteries of God’s love.
On 2nd and 3rd December 2016 over 120 people gathered for an intimate 1.5 day seminar in Australia to learn, love and decode their destiny in Christ. Speakers included award winning author Anne Hamilton, recording artist and speaker Milly Bennitt from the UK, LeaderHeart’s David and Natalie Tensen plus teacher’s Quang Hii and Donna Ho.

All sessions were recorded for LiveStream but the data connection wasn’t strong enough.  As a result, we still have all the sessions filmed for you to watch or listen to endlessly without the glitches or drop-outs.

On Audio, Video or USB

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Over 6.5 hours of teaching and ministry

  1. Natalie Tensen Session 1 – Mother’s Blessing 17:09
  2. David Tensen Session 2 – The Aaronic Blessing  33:25
  3. Anne Hamilton Session 3 – False Refuges  39:11
  4. Milly Bennitt Session 4 – Awaken to Destiny, Awaken to Love  32:43
  5. Quang and Donna Session 5 – Shabbat Meal   38:57
  6. Anne Hamilton Session 6 – Name Covenants   1:13:27
  7. Milly Bennitt Session – 7 Blazing the Trail of your Destiny  1:10:3
  8. David Tensen Session 8 –  Tumah and Unreconciled Loss  56:16
  9. Anne Hamilton & David Tensen Session 9 – Q and A   41:11