I cannot begin by explaining how this all events fell into place so quickly and smoothly but the audiobook for The Wrestle is complete and will go on sale 15th November 2020 directly via this website.**

What makes this audiobook special to me is that a very kind and generous man by the name of Paul asked if he could narrate it. Paul happens to also be the author of the best-selling novel The Shack. We met in 2019 and have remained in contact ever since. He’s a fan of the poetry and offered to audition for the audio book narration. Of course, I said yes because he puts his heart and soul into the readings. I trusted him to honour the text, and he didn’t disappoint. Not at all. Anyway, enough chatter, here is are a couple of samples so you can see for yourself.

** At this stage, I have decided not to sell the audiobook through Amazon’s Audible system for several reasons including the whopping 75% cut they take plus their strange and often damaging price-fixing tendencies. Instead, I’ll be selling the audiobook through this website using a fantastic and easy to use delivery system which allows you to treat the audiobook and it’s 60 files like a unique and protected podcast. This means you can play it through your favourite podcast app including Apple Podcast. Alternatively you can stream it straight from a browser which will even play with your phone’s screen locked. Distributing it this way, we can control the quality, pricing, offer discounts and take home a larger share of the profits as authors and producers. Let’s see how we go!