Sometimes you start studying into a topic that you feel could be quite important only to find it’s exceedingly more significant than you first thought. Perhaps it’s a little looking through the archive chest of a deceased distant relative, only to find an answer to a family question that has evaded you for years. You are pleasantly surprised with how wrong and underestimating you were.

I’ve had one of those moments recently while studying the topic and impact of the Father’s Blessing for an upcoming seminar /workshop I’m launching in Melbourne for Elijah House. I’d like to share the breadth of it with you but a written article won’t do it justice. You’ll have to attend a seminar at some stage – But I think this little revelation about the Father’s Blessing could get you started and perhaps as excited as I am as a dad and someone who values prayer and transformation.

One of the biggest reasons parents don’t bless their children comes as no surprise. It’s because they themselves weren’t blessed by their parents. And when I say ‘blessed by their parents’, I mean a regular, intentional laying on of hands and impartation of God’s power, grace and favour through a spoken blessing.

If we never got the blessing, how could we learn it’s value and power and then pass it on?  Whether we like it or not, we pass on plenty to our kids based on our own upbringing, and sadly, even in Christian homes, a regular blessing is not one of them. But I’m dreaming with God and believing that we’ll begin to see a change in my generation and there will be a restoration of the hearts of fathers to their children and children to their fathers. Mal 4:5&6.   Because friends, the blessing is extremely powerful for shaping a society.  If you want evidence of this, just look at success of the Jewish race where a father’s blessing is/was part of their home culture.

So here is a  little revelation and tool that I think may help you get started on effectively blessing others. Whether it be your children, parents, friends, leaders, pastors, land, God or even yourself.

The Father’s Blessing, the first blessing over humanity, can be found in Genesis 1:28. In fact, John Calvin said this blessing could be regarded as the source of all human life. And it’s true, blessing gives life!

Genesis 1:28 and many other blessings in Scripture can be divided into 3 parts or 3 dimensions. I call this the 3D blessing. Remember these 3 Ds and you have a framework for blessing that will bring life and change to your world and those in it.

Here they are:

  • Design
  • Destiny
  • Dominion

Design speaks of the WHO they are. Their identity and the core of their God given self.

Destiny speaks of the WHERE. The past, present and future of their God given timeline and calling.

Dominion speaks of the WHAT. The areas of life God has given them rulership, authority and reign in.

A blessing should begin with thanks to God, so when I pray for others it often begins with thanks for who they are (Design). Very simply, if I were blessing my daughter (9yr) using the 3D model it would sound something like this.

“God, thank for this precious gift. I thank you for the gift she is to us as a family, her friends and society. You’ve made her perfect and we affirm today our love for her. Your word declares she is fearfully and wonderfully made and we see and bless the work of your hands. (Design)

God with all these gifts and talents you’ve given her and chosen for her, we know that you have a future for her that is prosperous and you absolutely want to do her good all of her days. Her path is directed by you and we bless all that you’ve done and all you will be doing in her life. (Destiny)

And as she moves to a bright future, hand in hand with You Lord, we know that you will never leave or forsake her and we bless all the areas you have given her dominion over. There will be trials and troubles but you have made her to be an overcomer. You’ve given her amazing authority in Christ and we bless her with wisdom and kindness in her leadership of self and others. (Dominion) ”

Ending with the Aaronic priestly blessing (Numbers 6:24-27) is a great way to finish off, thereby affixing the name of Yahweh to those we bless.

I hope that’s of help. It’s a small portion of the Restoring the Father’s Blessing Seminar which we plan to tour Australia with in the coming year. Check out the dates and venues here.

Here’s a video overview and some elaboration of the above: Alternative Youtube vid here

How to Effectively Bless Others – The 3D model from david tensen on Vimeo.


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Blessings to you!
David Tensen