You said I do⁣
and you didn’t⁣
intend for it to end⁣
the way that it did. ⁣
God knows. ⁣

And God knows ⁣
how much it takes⁣
to hold ⁣
beautiful and broken⁣
people together.⁣
More than you know. ⁣

And more than you know ⁣
stood at the altar⁣
with hope and dreams⁣
of building a life together⁣
which you did.⁣
For a time. ⁣

And for a time it worked⁣
in its own way ⁣
till things⁣
got in the way ⁣
so you parted ways.⁣
This is your story. ⁣

And this is your story⁣
but not the final chapter⁣
so unfold those fingers⁣
pick up hope’s healing pen⁣
and write with what you have – ⁣
the breath in your lungs ⁣
the faithful morning sun⁣
the Divine at your side⁣
and lessons from the night.⁣

“For the divorced ones”⁣
David Tensen ’21⁣

This is poem 19 in a series I am writing to Instagram followers who DM me their stories. Several wrote in with stories of moving through divorce. The genders and reasons varied. I intend to write a few poems around this topic.⁣

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