This weeks links focus on SME applicable online outsourcing websites.  Some I have used, others I think are just plain cool.

Online outsourcing can simply be described as “getting people overseas to do stuff for you via the internet”

On most websites, the process is simple

  1. Create a profile and login
  2. Describe what you want done
  3. People from all over the world bid for the work
  4. You choose someone
  5. They do the job
  6. You pay them via paypal or escrow
  7. They email you the final result

What have I outsourced?

Reggie Star - The Regg TV mascot I had made in Argentina $130I had Reggie Star designed in Argentina through  Reggie is our companies digital signage arm mascot made.  I had a budget of $500 and commissioned 3 different illustrators .  I had two illustrators in Argentina plus another in the US all give it their best shot and I chose the one on the right.  I still have the others on file if I need them for something else later too because I paid them regardless of whether I chose to use theirs or not – I just didn’t want to narrow my options down to one illustrator or style.

I have a company in the Philippines via that performs research for me on businesses in areas that I designate that I want to contact.  I pay them less than 50 cents each contact they find that fits the criteria. It saves me lots of time scouring the web myself.  They send me an excel spreadsheet full of the contacts and the details I require and I pay them accordingly.  I’m using this same company to find me bloggers and website owners who write on women’s health so I can let them know about – a site and brand I have helped establish.

I have hired the service of a copy-writer and virtual assistant too.

Site Links – all kinds of outsourcing – all kinds of outsourcing – specialising in coders – people compete to design your logo.  Awesome to watch.