Aaron Parkes - Fix Your Own Business

Aaron Parkes - Fix Your Own Business

Over the last 6 months, I’ve come know Aaron Parkes and have the privledge to work with this clever guy on various projects.

When I need to present or make a pitch I call in Aaron to work with me.  I call him my ‘translator’ – keeping my techinical things practical and easy to understand for the audience.  He’s a great sounding board, full of ideas and he drinks long black –  and anyone who can go cup-for-cup with me is alright!

I asked Aaron to appear in my blog this week and asked him 4 simple questions:

1. Tell us who you’ve worked with?

Over the years I’ve worked with companies of all sizes from one man bands to multinationals but, I like small business best because you can work closely with the business owner to make real change quickly and see results fast!

2. What are you best at?

I’m best at identifying ‘barriers to growth’ in businesses and developing new strategies to overcome them. It’s what I love and I seem to have an intuitive flair for it.

3. What do you happily ‘leave to others’ to do?

Accounting! I know it’s necessary and critical to businesses being successful but it’s just not something I enjoy doing myself! I enjoy working with financial people though, finding solutions to funding challenges and I really respect their ability to understand the intricacies of the finance world.

4. What are you up to now?

My big project at the moment is actually for my own business www.fixyourownbusiness.com where I’m developing an all new online small business support model for business owners. It’s subscription based and is designed to give small business owners access to expert help and resources to fix and grow their businesses… all at a very reasonable cost.

I’ve spent nearly 15 years working with businesses, helping them grow and be successful but, not everyone can afford a coach or consultant so, I wanted to set up a support network that’s accessible to every small business owner where they can get the help and support they need to work on their business. I’m really looking forward to it so keep an eye out for big changes to www.fixyourownbusiness.com over the next few weeks!

More on Aaron

I live in Noosa on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. We moved here from New Zealand around 10 years ago and the decision to move here would have to rate as one of the best we’ve ever made. The weather and family lifestyle are great and because a lot of my business is done via the internet, it’s certainly no barrier to success living here. What’s not to love about living in Queensland!