In our common longing for identity, belonging and legitimacy, most of humanity look for markers of achievement. Eg in the business world – size and profitability of the company. Sports world – ranking and ability.

As Christian’s in community (the Church) we are not exempt from this longing, the markers just take a different form because all markers are cultural. Eg. In some church circles the markers may be number of people converted, or healed on the street, or theological understanding, or times been to heaven, or accuracy of prophecy, or number of days per week spent helping the poor, or $ given, or size of congregation, hours volunteered, or closeness to religious celebrities etc… the list goes on.

I don’t know if it’s possible to completely break free from this legitimacy system because by design it’s what we have in common that connects us. I do think however, we can do without the, “My markers (ways) are better, more Christian and spiritual than yours” style of language that leads to childish disputes, hate and ultimately affirms our own pride and insecurities.

Perhaps we can (and should) love and LEGITIMISE our neighbour, like ourselves…

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