How I’m Busy – a poem

The reply, ‘Sorry I’m busy’ s’enough, to appease the greatest request.
Rarely do you need to say more, ‘Busy, how?’ is anyone’s guess.

So I’ve made a list for those of you, who feel guilty when trying to say No.
Twelve valid Busy’s you can use, because your time is yours, don’t you know!?

I’m busy resting
Busy recovering
I’m busy taking slow walks
Busy discovering

I’m busy recharging
Busy snoozing
I’m busy being by myself
Busy refusing

I’m busy listening to my dreams
Busy sipping tea
I’m busy spending time with God
Busy being me

‘How I’m busy’
By David Tensen



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  1. Karri Brooks July 30, 2020 at 9:52 pm

    Beautiful! Thank you ? for this explanation of how it’s simply OK for me to do the things that nourish my body – soul and spirit.
    I trust y’all are settling in .. I intended to get back to Texas sooner : I feel God put me in a straight jacket and my movements have been halted and restricted for some time now. Some days I am good with that; others I find extraction for meaning in my life nearly impossible to excavate amid the vast field of dry bones. Finally I resign to the question “Can they live ???” and say “ lord you know “ . Peace is removal of anarchy and confusion: and sometimes peace is not knowing how or what’s happening on the front lines when God so lovingly removes you from the field to heal and recover .
    So appreciate you and what you endured in your life to bring your battle scars and experiences forward : encouraging other warriors or soldiers not to give up and quit.

    shalom be within you –

    Karri Brooks

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