Today a guy asked me if I build websites using FLASH.   I said, ‘No’.  (Flash sites are those super dynamic moving images and things you used to see on a lot of websites.)

His next question was, ‘Do you do SEO.’  I said, “Yes, and sort of. Generally my sites generate good ranking because I push my clients to keep their content fresh and relevant – because Google likes fresh bread. Plus I hire some talented SEO people for those who request it.’  He has a great looking site on his hands but it isn’t indexing on search engines very well.  Which to many people, doesn’t make sense, when their good looking site doesn’t get much traffic over the simpler text based sites that rank higher.

Although Google is doing their best to read flash sites – search engines generally can’t read a lot of Flash’s vector graphics and associated pictures to determine what they are and where to serve them to the public on their search engines.

I do like sites built using Flash – but if you are going to build a big flashy site, make sure it AWESOME enough to be REMARKABLE and talked about and linked too.

Here are a couple of my favourites – they are outstanding! (have fun) – Dutch online department store (worth the wait) –  Marketing firm ( be sure to pick up the pencil and click around)  abi84nxm6t