Me, Myself & the Bible

I think it’s important we seek to understand another’s relationship with an ancient text.

For many, their own relationship with the 66 book Christian canon we call the ‘The Bible’ is something which develops, changes and holds different meaning over a lifetime.

I have to confess that there are seasons I found the Bible to be; a ‘map’, an ‘answer book’, a ‘narrative I’m part of’, a ‘big ancient text’, a ‘source of life’, an ‘encouragement in hard times’, a ‘history book’, ‘overwhelming’, an ‘anchor in storms of confusion’, ’too much’, a ‘love letter’, a ’secret weapon’, an ‘abused text’, ‘poorly translated’, ‘challenging’, ‘divinely inspired’… to name a few.

Whatever I think of it or feel about it, it’s never dull or useless. I certainly wouldn’t call it ‘simple’ or ‘easy to understand’. In fact, as my relationship with the scriptures matures, I have found it increasingly complex and mysterious. I take it more seriously, read it slower and less often than I did in my teens and twenties. I chew it over and digest it with caution. I wrestle with it, yet have no intentions of winning.

I would add, that because of my personality and relationship with the Bible, my patience is tested when people do not seek to understand my, or another’s relationship with it before moving into an offensive or assault-driven stance regarding ‘what it definitely says!’ Or ‘What it actually means!’.

I’ll forgive youthful zeal without wisdom rather quickly, but to be very honest, when it comes to older converts, I now seriously question the depth of inner-affect the ‘Word’ has had in their life if love, honour and respect are not present in their words or actions regarding scripture.

If we want to sit at the table of civil discussion with another, whether in person or via social media, let’s do so with love, humility, empathy and honour.

“God, help us to consider and see the perspective, position and purpose of those You love profoundly.”

David Tensen

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