Pay close attention
to the wisdom of your body
in the quiet seasons,
in the waiting times,
in the desert times.

This is where those
you had no time for,
demand your attention
once more.

Rumi suggested
you invite the unexpected visitors
in for tea.
Jesus suggested
you offer the homeless
an unconditional feast.

Whatever you do,
don’t send them away.
They are messengers
who have pursued you,
waiting for you
waiting for a heart
silent enough
to hear their sacred truth.

ANGER wants you to know
you are real, you are here
and you matter.

ANGST wants to remind you
there are ignored and forgotten things
that need loving attention.

BITTERNESS wants to point out
the heavy burdens
in need of a loose grip.

FRUSTRATION wants to whisper
you were made to trust
your inner wisdom.

Whoever the messenger is,
however challenging their message,
they will pursue you to the grave
demanding attention,
because they too,
desire the best for you.

By David Tensen