Being born in 1978, I straddle the Gen-X and Millennial (Gen-Y) Generations. By 2020 it is believed 35% of the world’s workforce will be Millenials [1]. And I love the prospects.

I know some social commentators have been critical of the Millenial’s flaws, but that’s going to happen – especially if you are the most researched generation in history. No Generation is perfect, but every Generation is called. Called to do the best in their day with what they have. And Millenials, in my opinion, are leveraging technology, education and community in a tremendous way.

I believe, that despite the perceived sense of national peace much of the Western world is privileged to experience, we still live in a world marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) [2]. News travels at light speed. Change occurs rapidly. There is much to keep abreast of to stay ‘current’, and we-know-that-we-don’t-know what tomorrow may bring. And Millennials and Gen-Z’s were born into this VUCA world. They know nothing else. And they are adapting.

‘Millennials are educated, positive about tech, entrepreneurial, civic-orientated, environmentally conscious, and progressive.

1. 91% are regular internet users
2. 73% work more than 40 hours a week
3. 26% globally work two or more paid jobs
4. 12% say it is unlikely they will ever retire.’ [1]

I also see a generation for whom capitalism has failed. In Western capitalist societies, Millennial’s parents and grandparents enjoyed capitalisms fruits and promises, but times have changed. Millennials are disrupting capitalism, calling corporations to share profits and be socially good. It would seem that ‘where’ and ‘why’ they work is more important than ‘how much I get’, as I work. This is friggin’ exciting, I think. I’m with you Y’ers! The Boomers left us quite an economic mess; it would seem [3]. The system has failed and is past its expiry date.

At the start of this year, I started intensively mentoring a handful of Millennials. They are responsive, respectful, thoughtful, and intelligent. Those that I am working with are also bent on developing a sound character, healthy families, robust emotional intelligence and will do the work necessary to succeed. There is emotional agility within Millennials which I have not witnessed in many of the Xers and Boomers I’ve worked with and counselled. It’s exciting. Very exciting.

At present, our not-for-profit organisation, LeaderHeart, is developing an online leadership training and mentoring program aimed at accelerating inner growth and practical spirituality. We’re doing what we can to make it accessible, meaningful and transformative, especially for Millenials. If you were born between 1980 and 2000 and would like to contribute some thoughts and ideas, we’d love to connect. Please email me at or PM me on FB.

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