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Praying for your kidsI have three young children under 10.  One of the many questions we are asked when talking with parents about prayer ministry and inner healing is, “How can I pray for my kids?  I can hardly get them to sit still at dinner, let alone for any prayer or civilised discussion!”.


Great question! I hear you. I too am an imperfect parent trying to find answers as to why my 4 year old turns into a little monster when I ask him to put his shoes on, only to end in a wrestling match overshadowed by the phrase “I hate shoes and I hate you!”. (That’s my son screaming by the way… most of the time.)


Firstly, we need to realise that at such a young age, kids don’t have the mental capacity to absorb and assimilate many aspects associated with healing of the heart and transformation of the inner man through the mind. Repentance, salvation, sanctification, true forgiveness, dying to self, bitter judgements, rightly expression emotions etc are not easy to grasp and require a level of maturity AND neurological development that we don’t develop till later in life.  (This is scientific fact by the way, check out the subject of brain Myelination.)


 John L Sandford’s definition of a person that is fully human, “A person that is fully human is one who has a renewed and awakened personal spirit (in Jesus Christ) by which he identifies with what is in the other, and cherishes what is in the other, more than his own life.”  I want that for my house!


So where does that leave us?  If the brain isn’t developed and I recognise my child has unmet needs, trauma and I’ve recognised there is ‘something more’ going on that I KNOW God can meet and heal, how do I minister and pray for them for they can live fuller, more joyful and integrated lives through Christ?


I don’t have all the answers but I want to submit to you that it’s the child’s personal spirit that is most open and in need of nurture, love and strengthening.  The human (personal) spirit is an eternal gift from God. It’s given at conception. It has needs. It can be wounded. It never sleeps or switches off unlike the soul that disengages as we sleep etc.  It has tremendous ability and functions beyond the soul (mind, will, emotions).  If you strengthen and nurture the child’s spirit, it will bring transformation from the inside-out.


So with that in mind, I want to give you a few links and resources that will make a difference in your child’s life.


Arthur Burk from Plumbline Ministries has created some great audio tracks you can download and play to your children when they sleep. We even play them in the car or around the house.  They can be played off a phone, tablet, burnt to a CD or whatever.  There are many different types of  blessings and they work.  In fact, many adults love to listen to them too, they address your spirit and speak scripture, love and encouragement to your spirit.


These are the Names of God prayed as a blessing:

You can also download more free ones here on Arthur Burks site, these pray the Fruits of the Spirit:

There are more free ones here in this category page including biblical characters etc:

We’ve bought these ones on Joy and they were worth buying too.


Elijah House has heaps of teachings on their website but one that links to ‘speaking to the person’s personal spirit’ is this one that can be ordered and posted in DVD. It’s for prayer ministers but really explains the approach and power of addressing a person’s spirit.


I should mention also that this type of ministry to your kids is not replacement for your prayer, love, time, care for their body and soul.  All those things nurture the spirit also because we are integrated and incarnate beings. I believe the best thing we can do for our kids spiritual development is deal with our own junk first and foremost – then we are in a greater position to allow the life of Christ to be at work THROUGH us into them.

Matt 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

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  1. Daniel Wiebrands February 21, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Great article and thanks for the free resources.
    It’s interesting to note that our Lord Jesus spent a lot of time delivering people from demonic influence, and in saying that, we may not be able to implement prayer ministry to really small kids, but if we are discerning we will be able to cast out anything that tries to set itself up contrary to God. I have found doing some deliverance while a child is sleeping can bring dramatic freedom and help to the child without freaking the little one out. We obviously need to be led by the Holy Spirit in prayer and directed by Him in what to come up against.
    Prayer ministry tends to deal with sinful responses to hurts and trauma but deliverance deals with the enemy that attaches itself to those sinful responses(which manifests in the reaping of those responses more greatly). It is the enemy which seeks to build up a structure in us and build a false kingdom contrary to God’s.
    I believe Inner Healing can not be fully accomplished unless Deliverance is realised along with it to bring about wholeness. We can keep the enemy at bay in a little child, then when he is older and has more understanding we can deal with inner healing side of things.
    We are able to stand as the head of the home/family and pronounce forgiveness for a child that is too small and cast out any interfering demonic work trying to set itself up in their lives. This may include speaking to trauma and spiritual rebellion which has opened a door for the enemy.
    Blessings Dan

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