I cycle to keep fit.  Not a lot, maybe 40KM per week.  A good work-out anyway.

Living on Buderim means I have a hill to contend with everytime I ride home. Going down is cool but going up is where the blood starts to really pump.  I can choose to either do the long gradual climb, or the short intense climb.  For fitness sake, I mix it up.

It’s no surprise to learn that those who ride the same route all the time and don’t mix things up get to a level of fitness and then don’t improve much – these people are sometimes forced to take different routes, ride in different conditions or pace themselves against others and they are simply not prepared for the NEW and UNKNOWN.

Our fitness and well-being improves when we take different routes, travel at different speeds and spend our energy in a way that forces us to use different skills, muscles and resources.

Again, it’s no surprise to learn that in business, those who mix things up are fitter and better equipped for detours, competition and tougher climbs.

Early January is a great time for you to think about the NEW things you intend on doing this year.  The sooner you start today, the better equipped you’ll be for tomorrow.

Here are 5 things you might like to throw into your mix:

1. Create an email-based newsletter and send it out REGULARLY to people you know in business and outside of business.  Not just a “This is what I do and sell, so please buy from me” newsletter, but one that adds value to them and promotes you as an expert and forward thinker in your industry. See this article for more

2.  Read books, blogs, news and resource from outside your industry. It’s amazing how much can be learnt from different areas of life and implemented into your busines. It’s great for generating new ideas.

3.  Write some outrageous life and business goals down.  Then share them with someone you know will say “You can do it!” Then, give them a go. How do you think other people achieve them?

4.  Cut some relationships. This isn’t an ‘elitist’ thing to do, it’s pro-actively doing something that often happens organically and sometimes, with hassles attached. Take stock of who you listen too, take advice from and have partnerships with.  Are they willing to take some new routes with you and encourage you on some new ones? You might have heard the phrase that ‘people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime’ – Don’t cut the lifetime ones but have a look through the reason and season ones from a perspective of both how you can/are helping them and how they can/are helping you too.

5. Get to know 52 new people. This article got a great response and encouraged some new relationships.

What are you doing to mix things up?