Want to see transformation in your life, relationships and Christian walk but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you keep hitting walls in your relationships and can’t seem to move past them? Perhaps you’ve been a Christian for a long time but not seeing the inner change you’d hoped for? Well, we created this series with you in mind!

On April 31st David Tensen and wife Natalie taught and ministered at Jubilee Church Sydney on what they call the ‘Basics’ of understanding maturity and growing strong in our relationships to God, self, others and life.

By drawing on years of experience in their own lives, and also as prayer ministers, David and Natalie teach and also minister corporately for over 3 hours on:

  • The importance of receiving well.
  • Life stages and healthy development
  • The role of trauma in our lives
  • Dynamics of the heart
  • How wounds effect our lives
  • How wounds are healed

The teaching is full of laughs and personal stories from their lives.  The corporate ministry time is very powerful.  We hope this teaching blesses you as much as it did those that attended the sessions in Sydney Australia.


Small Clip from Session 1