In the audio:

1. Opening thanksgiving
2. Courage in Transition
3. Breaking Trauma bonds
4. Prosperity, Hope and Joy Blessing.

Total Length 9:2 Minutes

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This year I’ve had the great honor of stewarding the release of several audio prayers and blessings.  The feedback from listeners has truly been overwhelming.  What started as a personal project for my own family, extended and blessed thousands across the world.

I don’t know what this year has held for you or if you have hopes and dream for next year but I’ve found in my life, and with the work that I do praying with people,  that times of transition from one season to the next, times I like call ‘Threshold Seasons’, can be very stressful and hard for many.   I remember as our family crossed over into 2013 from 2012 we were met with tremendous hardship and 2013 was such a tough year for us and many we’ve talked to. Praise God 2014 was better! We’re believing for increase of this blessing in 2015.

So in light of these things I wanted to release an audio prayer and blessing for this transition and crossing over into 2015.  I pray it’s a blessing to you and brings freedom, healing and prosperity.  If it’s of value, please feel free to share the audio file or a link to this page with people you know via email or social media.

Blessings for 2015 from our house to yours!

David and Natalie Tensen

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