Here are some things I’ve been reading and exposing myself too lately. Finding some great inspiration for 2009.

9 predictions for 2009 – I loved this document. It’s not for everyone though. Might be a little too optimistic (or what pesimistics call ‘realistic’) Tom Asacker from writes some very encouraging stuff here:

Advertising – Being in the advertising industry, I found these facts incredibly interesting:

  • Businesses that maintained or increased their advertising spend during recession averaged higher sales growth during the following three years.
  • Within four years, the businesses that maintained or increased their advertising spend during that recession experienced a 256% growth in sales over those that had cut back on advertising.
  • From this article:

    How long will it last? Tom Peter’s writes on the speed of the economy. The speed of the dips and rises in the markets:

    You will notice that the gap between the first and second recessions was a few decades. The gap between the second and third recessions was just twelve years.
    The gap between the third and fourth recessions was even lower—just eight years.
    The gap between the fourth and fifth recessions is the lowest—around six


    Are you an entreprenuer? This great article pin-points some great aspects of the roller-coaster many enterprenuers tend to find themselves on. Tim Ferriss writes:

    A Christian Perspective on these times. This sermon from Ps Steve Penny at Kings Christian Church in Buderim, Queensland is fantactic: AUDIO