This young guy is our sponsor child. I can’t give too much detail away but he is in China and was abandoned at birth due to some serious defects with his arms and legs.

Surprisingly, in every photo we get of him, we see genuine joy on his face.

I’ve had sponsor kids since I was 17. I love the cause and am grateful for the opportunity to help through some the worlds great aid organisations.

Here are 5 reasons why having a sponsor child rocks!
(not ranked in order of importance)

1. It pokes greed in the back and says ‘I don’t need you.’
2. For less than a couple of dollars per day (given our exchange rate), you can absolutely change the life of an entire family.
3. It helps you think of others. We put a photo of this little champion on our fridge and think and pray for him nearly everyday.
4. It keeps you grateful. Perspective is incredibly powerful and living in Australia is a paradise compared to the conditions many kids live in. .
5. It’s education for your kids. My young daughter talks about this little guy like he’s a brother and is convinced that we need to go get him, bring him home and ‘he can sit in the middle seat’ in the car.

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