Christian brothers and sisters, please stop fighting one another.

Please stop harming the very body you belong too. Did you know that’s called self-harm and is evident of deep unresolved pain in yourself.

Please stop attacking others with words of slander, criticism, gossip and plain old hatred. The One you call Lord called that murder at heart level.

Did you know that it’s not necessary to tear another down and sacrifice them at the altar of your gain? Your destiny doesn’t rely on their displacement and death. Jesus did enough for that right? Or do more need to die? Did you know that’s how Cain and countless examples after him operated? So please stop.

Please stop attacking those who you think are wrong; theologically or otherwise. Please stop trying to expose those you’ve judged as false prophets. Did you know that this judgement and fire you’ve called down on them is one you’ll find yourself standing under? It’s measured to you too. C’mon, you know this!

Are you really that perfect? The One you lift your hands to on Sunday said, ‘Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.’ Please stop wasting your time and energy taking public that which should be addressed in private. Please put the stone down!

Please stop the violence.

Please stop the scapegoating.

Please stop the crucifying.

Please stop the bloodshed. There’s been enough of that. You’re better than that. Your King exposed this crazy system of killing those you think are troublemakers as a system that doesn’t work! These are your brothers. These are your sisters.

Call off the witch-hunt.

Please start loving.

Please keep encouraging.

Please follow the scriptures you preach from.

Please love your neighbour.

Please bless.

Please speak life.

Please restore in love.

Please understand we all have a unique paths to walk.

Please remember we all get things wrong. Please keep in mind we all have crappy days, months and years.

Please value our differences.

Please love. Please?

David Tensen #LeaderHeart #nonviolence #LoveOneAnother

UPDATE: 8-JUL-2016
Several people responded on the original Facebook version of this on my personal wall concerned that I was perhaps suggesting we overlook those who were ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ or ‘false prophets’, rightfully quoting 1 Cor 5:12-13 as a reference. This is a great point and one cannot write an entire essay covering all arguments.  But here is my response to such comments that start with comments to the tune of “This is all good and nice but I’m afraid…”

I’m sure you are not alone in having trouble with this (others have written). My concern in general is that this exposing, scapegoating or blaming approach is often the first port-of-call for many believers, especially in prophetic and fundamentalist circles – instead of a relational correction approach Jesus spoke of in Matthew 18:15-17 or a Galatians 6:1-3 approach that calls for restoration. These are all scenario based though aren’t they? In my opinion, Godly correction requires a great amount of maturity (emotionally and spiritually) in the giver and receiver of correction. Unfortunately this kind of maturity is rare – which brings me back to the point I’m trying to make (albeit in a few words on FB) concerning a ‘love your enemies, bless those that curse you’ posture of heart Jesus spoke of.
Am I advocating that someone now endures abuse of any sort? No.
Am I aware of spiritual abuse that happens in the church? Absolutely, I teach on it, clean up after it and preach that violence of any kind, given or received is not acceptable or helpful.
But, I think if we dedicate ourselves to firstly loving, and taking responsibility for our own responses and offences, we’ll be led by virtue of inner pressure and the sanctifying work of Holy Spirit to maturity that is manifest in love-based fruit in our lives.