I loved spending time with @jasonclarkis and @pastorderekt on their Rethinking God with Tacos Podcast last week.

Extract from their webpage:
Trauma, pain, empathy like Jesus, and healing for the oppressed, misunderstood, lost, or broken; in this podcast David Tensen shares how we are loved and not alone. Addressing how shame and condemnation are compounded by religion, the guys talked specifically about abortion and the LGBTQ community with an invitation to love like Jesus, through our union with God and reconciliation.


“Christ, to know Him and the fellowship of His sufferings, I never realized there was fellowship in His suffering.”

“Jesus, descended into hell, there’s nowhere that He is not…including after you breathe your last breath, death has been overcome.”

“God’s mercy endures forever… I don’t know if forever has a full stop…”

Regarding abortion… “Why don’t you foster some kids, look after some single moms and then have your say, because it’s cheap to hold your stone…the research shows if you support single mothers the abortion goes down…”

“People are not problems to solve they’re people to love”

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