You might agree that the tragedy runs deeper than the shocking treatment of women over centuries  – for which there is no excuse.

The tragedy is the attack on the very nature of God displayed in ALL humanity.

How on earth does someone deduct that one gender displays a Divine nature and the other gender does not? It’s beyond me!

And where did we lose the precious feminine-honouring culture and theology that the Hebrew culture held for millennia?

I mean, Let me give you a couple of examples from a little book my wife and a friend wrote on God’s favour towards women.  Did you know that many Jewish Rabbi’s believed:
 – That the women of Israel refused to participate in the building of the golden calf in Exodus 32?
 – That women were the first to sacrifice their jewellery for the building for the tabernacle?

There are other brain-melting and heart-warming truths in the book but my point is, we MUST see the feminine nature of God restored in our day and healed in a healthy manner. We must see the value and power of a mother’s blessing restored in our generation. It should come as no surprise that the feminist movement has gained so much momentum in the last century; women have not been honoured in Western that cultures that claim to be based on Christian values!  The Western Church has failed to be the prominent company of people that demonstrate healthy equity and equality amongst genders.

Anyway, you might have picked up I’m passionate about seeing the full nature of God displayed in a healthy way – especially in the Church, marriages and homes. I’m passionate about seeing the feminine nature of God restored in both men and women! I’m passionate about seeing women who’ve been called to Christian leadership be blessed, honoured, covered and championed on earth as it is in heaven. (I could go on…!)

If you’re still with me, we’d like to give you something. Our ministry LeaderHeart specialises in the area of inner healing and we have seen no more powerful approaches to healing than ‘The Blessing’.

If you’ve watched the ‘Blessing over Women’ video that went viral on Facebook, you may be one of the thousands that felt the power of blessing and identificational repentance. It’s healing isn’t it?!?  I know it is because I get emails and comments all the time!

So, we’d like to give you a copy of that entire message that the Blessing over Women clip is from. It’s called Restoring the Feminine and was filmed at an anointed church Natalie and I love to visit in Sydney, Australia.   It’s on YouTube here:

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Love and Blessings!
David Tensen

By the way, all these prices are Australian Dollars which converts to around 25% less in US Dollars.