Every season begins and ends.

Sometimes, endings are difficult; sometimes they are necessary; at times they accompany joy, other times, sadness.

It was seven years ago that I felt God clearly speak to me to leave the well-paid management work I was doing and begin a journey into the church-based ministry space. As many of you know, it was a faith step, and the last seven years have been filled with more joy, pain, healing, brokenness, generosity, bankruptcy and transformation than I can recall.

I have had the opportunity to manage national ministries, be staffed at churches, travel nations and spend thousands of hours supporting church leaders through prayer ministry, counsel and presence. I would like to say that labouring with Jesus in this space has been a walk in the park, and it has been; Jurassic Park! Seriously though, if it wasn’t for those few moments a month that I would see the tenderness of Jesus hold a heart and bind up broken pieces, I would have quit long ago – because it’s been very hard and costly to myself and the family.

I’m writing this because Natalie and I … are moving to a new season in our life. We are not moving physically from where we are, which is a great relief. But the vocation and calling into this next season means that the Ministry we had established as a vehicle to serve you and others, Leaderheart, will be winding down.

Many things have transpired in the last two months that have made this choice easy including some significant community work that Natalie has secured supporting those in need. Just in time after her lengthy surgery recovery. Natalie will continue to offer limited counselling spots via webcam.

I will continue my leadership and management training and studies. I have been offered a unique opportunity with a good University to enter a research program that will go towards a PhD in the coming years. I will continue to teach/preach locally from time to time but certainly won’t be travelling – preaching or offering the pray ministry that I did for many years. I’m hoping to continue writing poetry and articles – which I’ll email out and put on social media. (Our online Teleios Academy will not be running again, but all the previous teachings are still available to Patreon supporters.)

Our three children are at an age where they need us both around more. Next year we will have two in high school and our eldest has a part-time job so she especially needs us to be around – as a taxi 😉

Overall, we are personally grateful for the season which has passed, and excited about this new season ahead of us. Leaderheart, as a registered charity, allowed us to operate in the previous season. It was a ministry that echoed our sentiment on the importance of being heart-led and seeing the hearts of leaders healed – so that the organisations they led would be healthier. We are very proud (in the best kind of way) with what we all accomplished together. That desire in us to transform lives isn’t gone. We are just changing vehicles for this next season.

We want to thank our board of directors, Kath and Greg, for their service and support over the years. We want to thank so many of you, who, out of obedience to Holy Spirit and compassion, gave generously towards the work of the ministry. We want to thank those of you who prayed for us, both regularly and from time to time. Mostly, we want to thank you for believing in us and we ask that you continue to believe in us, even if it’s not under an official ministry name/entity.

Finally, you should know, that running and establishing a legitimate religious charity in Australia is not cheap. Sincerely, Nat and I are hoping that some of you might help us close it down well. We have around $4000 worth of fees, charges and bills to pay in order to wind it down neatly. If we can do that before year-end, that would be ideal. If the funds can’t be raised, it will cost us personally – and that would be a sucky way to end this season, quite frankly.

***UPDATE: December 2nd – A bunch of generous people came together and each gave towards the ministry’s closing costs and the $4300 goal was reached!  YAY!! Thank you so much***

If, after December 3rd you feel to donate towards us personally, you can still do that via my blog, the bank details are our personal ones. You can do that via this link: davidtensen.com/donate

Thanks for reading this far! We really appreciate you!

Love and blessings,

David and Natalie Tensen

Winding Down of LeaderHeart appeal total