Mental Health, like physical health, appears on a spectrum. So why do a lot of Christ-followers and church-goers tend to hide, ignore or shame mental health issues or illnesses? ?‍♂️?‍♀️ . Good question!
And what about spiritual things? What about demonic spirits? Trauma? Generational iniquity and all the other things scriptures talk about? Good question! And we want to invite you to explore them with us.

Starting 22nd May, we are running a six-week teaching and discussion series on Spiritual Considerations in Mental Health – with focus on anxiety and depression. Here are the topics and dates:

Approaching Mental Health with God 22-5-19
Generational Iniquity 29-5-19
Covenants with Death 5-6-19
Demonic Attachment 12-6-19
Pre-natal Wounding 19-6-19
Self-care and Sustainability 26-6-19

Register for the first of these today. Join us LIVE or by recording.  Register a seat at

~ Dave and Nat