Teleios Academy’s LIFE Course is a four module, four-month online course equipping you to grow in maturity and wholeness in Christ, reconciling the relationship between self, others and God.


Have you run the race of Christianity but have a desire to go deeper? Are you hungry to move from a directionless desert into a fruitful land? We had the same desire. We invite you to participate in our LIFE Course to build on your foundation, to receive breakthrough and to understand and participate in the fullness of life in Christ.

Each course module – scripturally based with tools integrated from counselling, pastoral care, prayer ministry and social sciences – was designed to provide a space, tools and skills, to address four major life questions:

  • Where am I?
  • Who am I?
  • Who are my people?
  • Who is Immanuel?

Where am I?

Jesus travelled between the city and desert (and was called to each). Being called out to Kingdom purposes can feel lonely, and even overwhelming at times. This module invites us to understand why having direction in every stage is critical to maturity and wholeness. It will set the foundation for the following modules to shape your perspective of God and relationship with Him as The Way. We take you through understanding how to manage the desert season (and why it’s not forever).


Who am I?

This a question many of us can quote scripture to answer, but few of us sincerely believe it with our whole heart, do we?  And that’s OK! This is a life-long quest, to discover who we are in Christ.  However, some key areas will help us move forward transformationally. We’ll take a look at who you are, where you’ve come from, family-of-origin, how you were shaped and formed – so that you can walk with greater awareness and freedom, to be you.


Who are my people?

Family. Tribe. Army. Church. Whatever you call them – who are they? Do they exist? How do you find them, keep them and grow with them? We’ll tackle some big questions around inter-relational and interpersonal dynamics. What does it mean to be a Child of God and how does this impact community?


Who is Immanuel?

Lastly, this module will build on the previous three modules, to tie together concepts, belief systems and tools to apply how each of these areas is critical to shaping our relationship with and perspective of Immanuel, God with us.


Join us on a journey to wholeness, breakthrough and restoration in our perspectives and relationships with self, others and God. It’s time to mature, and we invite you to continue your journey of pilgrimage with us.

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